Surveys and Planning

Surveys and Planning

Based on the growth strategy of the government in health and medical fields as well as the needs of industry, we are investigating the latest global research trends and also conducting surveys and planning to explore new approaches for the life sciences in Japan.

  • Promotion of fundamental research through cooperation with industry, academia and government

    As drug development requires huge investment in R&D, there are many joint researches among government agencies, academia and pharmaceutical companies in the pre-competitive stage (fundamental research before drug development) in Europe and the United States. We are researching model cases in Europe and the United States, and planning to develop a unique system in Japan.
    As part of these activities, we are researching a drug-repositioning (or drug-rescue) project which finds new indications for drugs that failed during the clinical trials at pharmaceutical companies and can accelerate drug discovery, and planning a domestic unique collaboration structure among industry, academia and government.

  • Promotion of information technology use in the field of life science

    It becomes problem to develop of fundamental technologies to analyze a large amounts of data, such as genome data using the next-generation sequencer as well as various other medical data, and find new knowledge by using cutting-edge IT technology. We are investigating further possibilities using the latest trends of IT, and considering new projects.

  • JBIC Fundamental Biotechnology Workshop

    Based on the needs of our member companies and research results of the projects we have conducted, we have held many workshops for a wide range of biotechnology fields since FY 2009. In the workshops, participants discuss the future direction of biotechnology.